TOOLS & EQuipment provider

1.Tools and equipment provider: -

1.‘Saamgra’ Services are provides quality tools and Equipment For institutes We are supplying best products with best materials in actual cost.

2.”Saamgra” Tools and equipment Team are expert in their trade knowledge And they make all the arrangements for ITI,They make sure that all equipment’s  and tools are safely deliver to  your Institute and they completed all Installation process with the help of respective manufacture company.

  1. We provides these from Manufactures and supplier which are best company on the market.
  2. After Successful installation we also provides maintenance Services on  several Time periods.

2.Workshop and Lab Maintenance services:-

1.”Saamgra” Is known for their Quality based service .

  1. After successful installation our maintenance expert team regularly visit your institute for Checking all equipment’s.
  2. If any issue found they repair it on the spot and complete the task.

4.If any institute have any issues any time then we are available to resolve their issue within certain time limit.


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