Saamgra iti mGMT SYSTEM

ITI Management System

Now in present day every departments are switching to Online mode where all documents work is done in easy way with easy modules for example NCVT MIS Portal where we submit our all documents. Now we develop Portal for Institute name as ” Saamgra ITI IMS “ For Industrial Institute and other institute. On this ITI- IMS (INSTITUTE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM) We include all module of work which are converts your institute into Digital Form.

In this “saamgra” mgmt system  we are providing:-

1.ITI Information System:-All the Basic Information of ITI will Display here.

2.Trainees Information System:- where all candidates With Trade information are stored.

3.Admisson Information System:- All Admission query details are displayed here that it very helpful for follow-up. 

4.Fee Collection Information System:- In this Module you can fill up all the fee details of candidates and  for deposited fee you can give fee receipt directly from this Portal.

5.Certificate Information System:- In this module you can easily print all candidates  Bonafied Certificate ,Transfer Certificates ,Character certificate etc at once you have to only select the trainees Name and print all the certificate. And also You can print any letter directly from this portal on your Letter Head which you provide Us.

6.Employee Information System:- In this Module All employee records are filled up with there all Basic information, their  educational details, work experience and there all certificates are uploaded to your portal .

7.PayRoll Information System:- For all Employees Payroll is done through this portal you have to just enter their salary,leaves and it will calculates total salary and print Pay Slip.

8.Daily Expenses Information System:- For Daily Expenses you have to enter some details and it will gives you all the records with total expenses.

9.Inventory Record Information System:-For Tools and equipment’s records are keep here even you can manages all stocks here in easy way.

10.Library Information System:– Display are Library records here. 


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